Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Burlap-Crochet Napkin Holders

I was supposed to work on these napkin holders as a present, but wasn't able to finish them on time. I got the pattern here, there are two designs available on the page. For my napkin holders, I used the Pretty Points design.

1. mercerized cotton yarn (2 strands worked as one)
2. 3.5 mm hook
3. tapestry needle
4. burlap
5. yarn/thread close to the burlap's color

I adjusted the pattern based on my personal preference and with the yarn I used. In the original pattern, worsted weight yarn was used. Since I didn't have that, I used mercerized cotton instead. I tried working on a single strand, but found it too thin, so I used two strands and worked it as one.

Another adjustment I made was for the "points". In the original pattern, the points were made using sc-2ch-sc pattern, I made mine into hdc-2ch-hdc.

Lastly, in the original post, hot glue was used to assemble the pieces. I wanted mine more durable, so I sew the burlap and the crochet piece together.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Yoda Amigurumi

So this is the continuation of my Star Wars amigurumi post. If you don't know what I'm talking about, this is the first post.

It took me a while to finish Yoda, but here he is. It's not perfect, he does not really look like Yoda, but I hope that my next work will be better.

If no mistake you have made, losing you are.

And here he is with the Stormtrooper.


  1. Green yarn
  2. Light brown yarn
  3. Dark brown yarn
  4. A pair of eye beads
  5. Stuffing
  6. Tapestry needle
  7. 3.5 mm hook
Stitches used:
  1. single crochet (sc)
  2. sc2tog (join 2 sc together)
  3. Popcorn stitch
As with the Stormtrooper, I will not post the pattern. Pop stitch was used for the feet.

Next stop, Jabba the Hutt, as requested by my eldest son.