Saturday, March 19, 2016

Pocoyo's Unfisnished Hat

My youngest son loves Pocoyo so I decided to make him a Pocoyo hat. I thought for sure he'd love it. No. He. Hates. It. Takes it off as soon as I've put it on him. So this Pocoyo hat that is pictured below? I never really finished it. I'll probably re-use the yarn and make another project.

I used this pattern as my basis for the hat, adjusted the ear flaps, and added the back flap of the hat.

My changes on the ear flaps:

Rows 1: ch 3, dc on next 8 stitches, turn. (9 st)
Row 2-4: ch 3, dc on same stitch, dc until the end of the row. (10, 11, 12, 13 st)
Row 5: ch 2, sc until the end of the row (13 st)

Back flap:

From the "back" end of each flap, mark the 5th stitch. This is where your back flap will start and end. Your rows should have the same stitch count (7 rows of dc stitches).


Sc around the hat.

And that is all I managed to make.