Saturday, January 21, 2017

Make Your Own Drawing Pad

My son loves to draw. We used to buy him drawing books but they are EXPENSIVE! And since he's only six years old, he does not fully utilize the drawing books. I cringe every time he asks for a new one or show me a page with a small drawing in the middle with lots of space surrounding it but he refuses to draw anything else on it. It's a waste of good paper.

So what do I do? I don't want to spend tons of money for a drawing book that he'll use up in a span of days and he won't draw unless I give him clean paper. The solution is simple, and waaay cheaper than buying him a drawing book: make him one!

I sought out the cheapest ream of bond paper that I can find, I bought a folder, a paper fastener, and a binder glue. I made him two sets of drawing pads: one for school and one for home use.

The picture above is the one I made for home use. I adjusted the length of the folder so it will have the same length as the paper that we will use. After that, I used a puncher to put two holes on a stack of paper and fastened it onto the folder. Easy peasy.

And this one below is what I made for his school use. It's half the size of the paper, bound it with the binder glue.

PS: Some of you may think that a  scratch paper is better than using a blank sheet of paper. Yes, I agree. But you see, we don't have scratch papers available around the house. When we print, we print on both sides. I also use it to practice my calligraphy.

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