Friday, January 27, 2017

My First Try At Wire Crochet

Petals to Picots published 25 Crochet Patterns to Spruce Up Your Home and the wire tea light holders caught my eye. I got a few wires stashed somewhere among my craft box and decided to try my luck in making some. I ended up making only ONE. I'm not even sure if I want to do more to make it a set. Why, you ask? Because it was tiring, difficult to manage, has no room for error, and confusing.

Now, I'm no expert, but I'd like to share my experience with making the said tea light holder and elaborate on my rather negative perception of wire crochet.

Tiring and difficult to manage
Unlike yarns, wires aren't soft, and if you bend it or twist it, it'll be difficult for you to straighten it out. You also have to be more forceful in pulling the wire through a loop, but you also don't want to put in too much force. If you pull too hard, you mind end up tightening the loop too much. I tried doing that when I wanted to use the chain 2 trick instead of a magic ring (follow link above for the pattern).

After frogging

No room for error
I say there's no room for error because, like I mentioned above, if you bend or twist it, you won't be able to straighten it out properly. Plus, it is difficult to frog. I had to use a plier, poke the wire with my finger, and pull gently so the wire won't twist and make tiny curls.

I had to trace the loops to ensure that I was poking my hook through the right (top) loop.

Sometimes the top loops are hard to find.

I will not close my door to wire crochet. It really added a nice touch to the tea light, and there are many more things you can make with wire crochet. I know after a few more tries, I'll be able to make wire crocheted projects without my inner self whining.

My very first wire crocheted project!

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