Monday, January 2, 2017

Make Your Own Pen Holder

I was feeling crafty the other day while I was cleaning up my son's crayons and pencils. Plus my inability to resist recycling things got the better of me, so I made our own pen (pencil or crayon) holder.

I know there are a lot of DIY guides for making pen holders, but I'm just damn proud of what I did.

I used an empty container of Gerber's Graduates puff snack for the pen holder body and my yarn scraps to decorate it. I didn't really put any thought on the color of the yarns that I used, I just grabbed a bunch from my stash and hoped that it will turn out okay. Aside from these recycled materials, I also used tape, hot glue, and a cutter.

Now on to the steps.

  1. The most obvious step is to clean the container: wash it, let it dry, and peel off the label. 
  2. Seal the cover onto the container with tape. I used masking tape for this.
  3. Use tape to mark where you want to slice through the container. I chose to make my holders in two different heights, because I was gonna use it for crayons and for colored pencils. The purpose of the tape was to guide you so you can cut it straight. I, however, failed to keep it straight. 😂
  4. Using a hot glue, wound the scrap of yarns onto the container.
Easy, right? I didn't put a design yet on the other pen holders that I made, but here's a picture of them together.

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